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Herne Hill

Grab 'n Go Breakfast - Pizza by the slice


Open: every day from 8 am
- till 3 pm (weekdays)
- till 5 pm (weekend)


214-216 Railton Road
London, SE24 0JT


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(020) 3940 2700

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Pizzeria | Ristorante | Bar | Deli





By the slice like in Rome  

Made by the tray, thicker to hold all the toppings and designed to be shared. Sold by the slice to eat in or take away or order a Grande for the table. 






ristorant at agile rabbit - triptych displaying just that


From the Italian kitchen 

Be transported to Italy through the kitchen and feel like you are in Rome, eating authentic pastas, romana pizzas, specialities and desserts.






Morning espresso to late night negroni  

All day bar open from breakfast with a choice of coffees and pastries to afternoon aperitivo and evening cocktails 





 delicatessen at agile rabbit

Italian Deli

Bring home the taste of Italy 

Traditional pastas, sauces, preserves, cured meats and cheeses to inspire you to cook like a real Italian.