Our Story

Our Story

The Agile Rabbit is loosely based on the original cabaret bar by the name of ‘Lapin Agile’ in Paris, [translated ‘The Agile Rabbit’].

Lapin Agile opened circa 1860 and became a favourite spot for struggling artists and writers, including Picasso, Modigliani, Apollingire and Utrillo. The basis upon which they would trade their artwork in exchange for food and drink.

Lapin Agile is made furthermore famous as it is depicted in an extremely famous painting by Picasso, named ‘Au Lapin Agile’ [At The Agile Rabbit’]. Picasso paints the scene from within Lapin Agile, depicting live music, food & drink and, of course, a social and fun atmosphere.

The Agile Rabbit Today

Skip forward and here we are today successfully trading in one of the iconic parts of London, Brixton, and we have been since 2010 now. Our second venue in Herne Hill, right opposite the train station, has also adopted the very principles behind the original concept. With artists that help us to bring soul to our venue decors and musicians who give us our live buzz. With good vibes, food and drinks to share and enjoy together.