Agile Rabbit serve what is without a doubt the standout best pizza in Brixton. Also, lovely ciders, beers and great coffee. Thursday nights always feature live music and a great atmosphere.
Zelda Rhiando, Time Out User *****
I love this relaxed London gem. Good food. Sexy staff. Relaxed vibe. What more can you ask for...
Sarah, Time Out User *****
Twice I've tried to sit and eat half a pizza then bring the rest home for later and twice I haven't been able to stop eating until the whole thing was done.
Wayne, Time Out User ****
As soon as the food arrives or the music starts you are in Naples
Eat In Brixton
Oh goodness... This was good. REALLY good.
Vanessa, Yelp User *****
An Italian friend recommended this place and the food was amazing… We loved that the pizza was thin and full of flavor. Want to come back and try other pizzas!
Joy, Yelp User *****
Agile Rabbit.  Great pizzas. But that's just part of the reason the masses come here. They're carved themselves out to be the hangout spot of Brixton Village Market. People throng here on a Thursday night to drink, chat, listen to music and, of course, eat pizza. It's a great place to be.
Craig, Yelp User *****
I love this place, it's a mainstay for me on a Friday night to go and see live music, grab a slice of pizza and have a drink with friends.
mglinearart, Trip Advisor User *****
This place looks very inviting from the outside. It has a very chilled and comfortable atmosphere and you feel like sitting amongst friends.